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A computer diagnostic program can be used to find the optimal surgical path by identifying bone tissue, nerve location, etc. This enables fast and safe procedures. We simulate implant placements and produce a personalized surgical guide to reduce the risk of side effects and implant failure.

Bone Grafts

What is bone graft (GBR Guided Bone Regeneration)?

When the amount of bone is not enough, we must supplement with patient’s own bones or other type bones.

Bone grafting provides a stable foundation for your implant.

Bone grafting using PRF(Platelet Rich Fibrin,autologous platelet growth factors) can heal much faster.

Who needs bone grafting?


When teeth have been missing for an extended time.


When patients have lost teeth due to periodontal disease.


Patients who are wearing dentures due to difficulty of the implant surgery.

Maxillary Sinus Lifting

When placing implants in the upper jaw, the air space called the maxillary sinus should be considered. If there is not enough space for an implant due to the sinus, a bone graft can be done after lifting up the sinus lining, allowing proper volume of bone for the implant.

From extraction to implant placement – one day!

One Day Immediate Implant

The entire process of implants can be reduced by 2-3 months by immediate placement of the implant. However, this is only possible when the tooth has no infection and there is good bone around the tooth that is to be extracted.

Regular Implant

Recovery of Bone and Gums
Implant Placement
Temporary Prosthesis
Final Prosthesis


Immediate Implant

Extraction, Gum Recovery, Implant Placement, Temporary Prosthesis
Final Prosthesis