“Learn globally, act locally”
Our four dentists work together using each of their knowledge and experiences


As oral health care providers for the Greater Vancouver area, we are committed to the following:

  • Each patient will be treated with care and sincerity. We will always do our best to create a clinic that feels as comfortable as a family and as reliable as a friend.
  • We work in a team environment to share and supplement each other’s knowledge and skills.
  • We believe in keeping oral health for a lifetime, rather than temporary short term care.
  • We work to serve the community of the Greater Vancouver area.
  • Lifelong education and acquiring new skills and knowledge are a big part of our philosophy.
Our Doctors
we will protect your teeth
With 100 years of experience and know-how.

Dr. shinyoung Lim (General dentist, Owner Dentist)

  • Seoul National University College of Dentistry (1986)
  • UBC Dentistry (2008)

dr. Yungbok Kim (General Dentist)

  • Seoul National University (SNU) College of Dentistry   (DDS, 1976)
  • Residency, SNU Dental Hospital Department of Orthodontics (1976-1979)
  • SNU Graduate school of Dentistry ( PhD, 1984)
  • Clinical Professor, SNU College of Dentistry Department of Orthodeontics ( 1986-1998)
  • International Member, American Association of Orthodontics(1992)
  • Fellow , World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO, 1996)
  • Consultant Doctor, SNU College of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics (2009)
  • Dentist ( General Practitioner), College of Dental Surgeons of BC ( CDSBC., 2013)

Dr. robin lim (general dentist)

  • New York University ( BA in Biology/chemistry)
  • University of Pittsburgh , School of Dental Medicine ( DMD)
  • Certified Invisalign provider 
  • Selective training in special need dentistry – Pittsburgh, USA
  • Clinical teaching instructor at University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine
  • Member of American Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association

Dr. KYUHYUN LEE (general dentist)

  • Seoul National University, South Korea (BSc, MSc, DDS)
  • Advanced General Dentistry Specialist, South Korea
  • Certificate of National Dental Examining Board of Dentistry, Canada